Sunday, March 14, 2010

Las Vegas: Day 1

Yesterday Ciara and I left Oklahoma. It was a long long long day in the car, but time passed more quickly than I expected it would. We took turns driving: 6 1/2 hours for each of us. We arrived at our final destination, Flagstaff, AZ at 9:00. That is when things started getting REALLY interesting. See, we got lost. And no matter what anyone tells you, sometimes a situation will present itself where iPhones aren't much help. Like when your dot on GPS doesn't move. But alas, we finally found our hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel we chose was creepy. Now I'm sure this is all in my head but 1st thing: we should have walked out the door when we heard the price was DOUBLE what it was quoted online. Really? But we didn't we went ahead and paid more money because we had already driven all over town trying to find the dang place. So, we go ahead and book the room. But the man at the front desk is majorly creepy. He looked at us funny and that was wierd. The room itself wasn't bad. Although, I have become accustomed to elevators. I didn't really enjoy lugging 3 tons of crap up the stairs. Then, once we got up the stairs and turned to walk down the hall, Ciara and I turned to each other and had the same thought. We both expected to see little twins at the end of the hall like from The Shining. I don't know what gave me that impression but it made us a little bit uneasy. We got to our room, ordered some pizza, got ice and soda and made camp for the evening. By the way. The hand-tossed pizza crust from Dominos Pizza was delicious. I got pepperoni and light sauce. We also ordered online (because no one wanted to suck it up and call). And it was so much fun. Maybe I'm just entertained easily (which is what Ciara keeps telling me) But I got to build my own pizza and track it's progress. Anywho...I really enjoyed it. We also got cheesy bread and it was good too! I highly recommend everyone tries it! I will be using Dominos online for future travel meals! Oh! I forgot to tell everyone the WORST part! As most of you know, I hate hate HATE cold weather. I'm super sensative. SO of course, last night as I was lost and frustrated and tired from driving all day and hungry, it started snowing. SNOWING. But we survived. Today we have a short 4 hour drive into Las Vegas. We are going to stop by the Hoover Dam and from there it should be smooth sailing for a couple of days. I hope to keep everyone posted on all of our adventures (and misadventures). But now it is time to pack up my bags and get the heck out of this town! I'm ready to be done with Arizona! It is messing me up! It is 11:15 at home in OK, 10:15 in Las Vegas, and what my phone says, and 9:15 here in Flagstaff because Arizona doesn't do daylight savings. It is starting to get confusing! Well, talk to you tomorrow!

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