Monday, March 15, 2010

Las Vegas: Day 2 and part of day 3.

Yesterday was Day 2 of the Mattie/Ciara Road trip to Las Vegas. We had a short drive so we planned on sleeping in a little and hitting the road. However, time is a funny thing. See, it is daylight savings and I was in a different time zone..but Arizona doesn't do daylight somehow I ended up waking up at 7 am. I don't know what time that was to anyone else. All I know is my alarm clock said 7. But I got up anyway and took my shower and packed my bags. A little later, Ciara began to wake up and get ready. We should have left earlier than we did. We just sat around waiting because we decided not to leave until 10:30 so we watched crappy TV until then. If we had been smart we would have just left because we ended up in a 2-3 hour line of cars sitting still for 5 miles. There was a police checkpoint at the Hoover Dam. We think they were looking for a criminal because there were patrols going up and down the highway from I-40 to Hoover Dam, some were just driving around, others were on satellite things. Then there was the checkpoint. After the checkpoint was when we began to notice the helicopters going back and forth above our heads. Anywho...that was the only downside to yesterday. After that little adventure we sailed right into Las Vegas, checked into our hotel and haven't left yet. We decided to order food in last night and sleep in this morning. It is noon here now and we have both been awake and talking and watching TV. Now I'm tap tap tapping away on my computer writing this blog, writing conspiracy theories about the book I just finished (everyone needs to read the Private Series by Kate Brian if they are in to Y/A chick lit). I'm also trying to figure out what is going on with the next few books coming out, on facebook, texting several people and basically just driving myself crazy. Half the time I don't know what is going on or what site I am typing into so if an some point I start blabbering on about BLS or kidnapping, please realize I'm just crazy. Ciara fell back asleep. According to her "Vegas doesn't awaken until Dusk" so I guess that's what we are waiting for. I personally wouldn't mind if I never left the hotel. We have such a great view from our room I can see just about everything I need. I think I might watch a movie in just a of the ones on my laptop though, not one of the movies you pay an arm and a leg for on the hotel TV...if I wanted to spend $15 on a movie I would buy the digital copy from iTunes. I really wish I would have brought A/V cords with me though, because then I could hook up my laptop to the TV and watch movies that way... Oh well. Iguess I'll talk to you tomorrow....unless I get on here later to post stuff about my book! Keep coming back and leave me comments! I love hearing from everyone. Also, if you don't have a blogger account and post an anonymous comment, please please please leave your name so I'll know who all actually reads this thing!

Love, Mattie.


  1. Oh, that Dam Check Point. (haha) --Mom

  2. Mattie, Vegas never sleeps. 24/7. Have you seen the water at the Belagio or the volanco at the Mirage. You guys need to walk the strip. There maybe a few weird characters, but stay together.

    And if you want some circus acts, go to Circus Circus.... Vegas never sleeps...