Saturday, July 18, 2009

100 Things you might not know about me!

-My favorite color is purple.
-I am a die-hard Oklahoma State University Cowboys fan!
- When I was in 6th grade a 5th grader stabbed me in the leg with his cello endpin. No lie. And I got in trouble for it because I got mad and tried to chase him off….even though I couldn’t run on my leg so I was barely limping after…
- Also when I was in 6th grade I went on my brother’s sr. trip to Six Flags and Medieval Times. I got to skip school!
- When I was about 9,I used to think if I couldn’t recite the alphabet backwards, if I got pulled over I would get arrested…so I learned to say the alphabet backwards.
- I am really super good at reciting the Peter Piper tongue twister. It is one of my only talents.
- I can say the names of all the states in alphabetical order in 17 seconds.
- I collect DVD’s, Business Cards, and purses.
- I have never left the country.
- I have 2 trips on my mind right now, The first one is a trip to London. I’ve wanted to go to London for as long as I can remember but I have never gotten the opportunity. The other trip is a road trip with all my best friends to visit all the Ivy League Colleges and buying a t-shirt from every single one of them!
- I love to read...but only for entertainment. Reading to learn is something I 100% can’t do.
- I don’t like pizza very much.
-I LOVE to eat fruit.
- I love reading books that are in a series. My 3 favorite series’ are 1)The Private Series[including spinoff series the Privilege Series…I count both of them as one because privilege wouldn’t make sense without Private] 2) Harry Potter, and 3) Twilight.
- I love eating plain ‘ole homemade vanilla ice cream.
- I would rather eat pie than cake
- I make an award-winning apple pie! Literally. I won first place with my recipe!
- I have a pretty good memory.
- When I was younger, I wrote my own poetry book and made all my friends read it.
- I hope to be a writer “when I grow up.” I want to write young adult fiction novels for girls.
- I love to drink unsweetened Iced Tea. I’m not really a big soda fan.
- I love going to Minnesota. I have family up there and I absoultely LOVE the Minneapolis and surrounding areas.
-At the ripe age of 20 I have been to Las Vegas twice and love it there. I will probably be going back soon!
- I am a television fanatic. I watch way too much T.V…I just wish my treadmill were still in the living room so at least I could work out while watching TV so I wouldn’t feel like sucha slug.
- I love bread. I judge restaurants by how much I like the bread.
-I am a list maker. If I don’t set a list, I won’t accomplish anything.
- I frequently “shop” for my future home (when I am a millionaire) and I make lists of things I want in my dream house.
- I am very loyal and very trusting…sometimes too trusting.
- I am not a very good judge of character so I, unfortunately, I end up trusting the wrong people…and as you have already read, I sometimes am too trusting.
- I could watch the movie “Step Up 2: The Streets” everyday. It pumps me up and makes me want to dance.
- I love to cook and bake.
- My favorite “bad guy” is Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. I dyed my hair black last October so I could be like her for Halloween…unfortunately I hated having black hair…
-I dye my hair a lot. In the past year I have have 4 different colors of blonde, light brown, dark brown, black, red, orange, and purple. Yes…that is right purple hair…but those were just strips.
-I am constantly on the lookout for a good deal. I’m a good bargain shopper when I need to be…
- In my opinion, there are very few things are as satisfying than getting something in the mail…like snail mail…not e-mail.
- I am very opinionated. Generally, I am pretty good at holding my tongue in an argument but I really lose it when people start making assumptions about me based on the things I like.
- I hate when people assume that because I am blonde, that I am dumb. The fastest way to piss me off is to call me stupid.
- I have two HUGE pet peeves. The first one is when people develop opinions about things they don’t know about…like the whole Harry Potter thing. “It is evil because it is all about witches and magic.” That opinion is absolute bull because if you read it you will see that yes, it has witches and magic in it but that isn’t what it is about. It is a coming of age story about a boy who, aside from normal teenage stuff, has to deal with the fact that the fate of his entire world is on his shoulders, and it is a tale of good versus evil. My other pet peeve is when people use I where they should use me. ATTENTION EVERYONE….“I” IS NOT ALWAYS CORRECT! Or when people talk about “His and I’s party” or whatever. “I’s” is NEVER correct. It is MY. Sheesh!
-I have torn the ligaments in both of my ankles twice.
-I firmly believe that I enjoyed High School so much because I was involved in a lot of things.
- It is a dorky game, and I know it, but I absolutely love playing the Sims.
- I can’t fully clean my apartment without fabreze.
- Spiders and wasps and other creepy crawlies freak me out. When it comes to bugs, I am a wimp.
- Grape is my favorite flavor of Okie Snow.
-I used to want my own personal airplane but I watched a special on the travel channel that showed just how much it costs to 1) buy the airplane, 2) modify it to meet my requirements, 3) fuel it, 4) employ people to keep it running and in good condition and pilot it, not to mention maintenance costs.
-Caribbean Passion is my favorite flavor of Jamba Juice.
- I have been known to order water when forced to go to Starbucks…but I have lately found out that Iced Green Tea is okay too.
- Hamburgers are my favorite food on the PLANET.
- I don’t eat lettuce…unless I have LOTS of ranch.
- I love the rain. I would seriously not be upset if it rained EVERY DAY. I would be just fine living in a place like Seattle.
-I only eat the chex out of chex mix.
- I cannot stand trail mix.
- Travelling is so much fun. I travel every time I get the chance. But I always look forward to coming home.
- I am not the typical girlie girl. I would rather watch football than go out shopping on a Saturday afternoon.
-Baseball is my absolute favorite sport!
-I have a major problem. If I find a book that I love, I buy it and then I loan it out to everyone I know…and then I buy another copy…and then I loan that out…and I end up with 3 or 4 copies of my favorite books that I keep on rotation between all of my friends.
-Wipeout may be the funniest show on television. I love watching people making fools out of themselves!
-I have lots of books and lots of movies that people borrow all the time…Sometimes I feel like Blockbuster…and the Library all in one!
-I’m wired backwards. Tylenol PM and Simply sleep make my hyper. Caffiene and Sugar make me sleepy.
- Sometimes my strong opinions make me lose more friends than they help me gain.
- I think it is really important to save as much money as possible. Most people say you should save 10% of every paycheck…I save a minimum of 50%. You never know when you are going to need the money.
- I am paranoid about my apartment. I don’t ever lock the door so every night when I get home I have to open all the doors and turn on all the lights and go into every room and closet to make sure no one is lurking around…
- Sometimes, when I don’t like something, I tell people I am allergic to it.
- I have trouble forgiving people who betray my trust.
- My family calls me “the sickly child” because I vomit a lot.
-I have seen every episode of Hannah Montana. Don’t ask me why…I just have.
- Christmas is fun because you get lots of presents, but my all-time favorite holiday is the 4th of July.
- The majority of the books I read all take place in New England.
- I collect “For Dummies” Books…mostly the Travel books.
- I hate reading movie reviews in the Oklahoma Gazette. I almost always disagree.
- I am terrible at math and I think it is rediculous that someone majoring in Library Sciences is expected to take Calculus.
- My hair is a lot thicker than it looks and it takes forever for it to dry.
- I have a Netflix account and love that I can watch every episode of South Park online.
- My Sunday School class meets on Saturday Night.
- I am a night person.
-I get really disoriented in the morning. I’m that person who staggers around for a while before falling back down on the bed and having to sit there until I remember how to walk.
- I can’t stand walnuts by themself, but I love brownies with walnuts in them.
- Helena Bonham Carter is amazing.
- Of all the fruit juices available for breakfast, my favorite is red grape juice.
- The crust is my favorite part of the pizza. Sometimes I only eat the crusts.
- I really like Retro aprons. I think I am going to start collecting aprons.
- My family goes to the Oklahoma State Fair every year and everyone goes.
- I couldn’t live without Dippin’ Dots.
- DVR has spoiled me. I frequently find myself asking people to rewind life so I could see that again…I get lots of funny looks.
- I'm a member of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.
-There are a lot of people I know who think they deserve respect and they demand that respect, but have done absolutely nothing to deserve the respect they demand. As a result, I generally do not get along with said people because I refuse to respect someone who I have no business respecting. Can I say respect once more? R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me
- The smell of barbeque sauce used to make me throw up.
- I do not like paprika…but it is fun to say.
- I dislike eggs.
- I have many irrational fears…which I keep on a list so I don’t forget…but I lost the list. So I need to make a new one.
- My birthday is September 16.
- My only teenage rebellion was the day before I turned 20, I ditched my college classes to go to the fair with my friends Ashley and John Paul and we got in for free because we told everyone we were high school students and used our old high school student ID’s.
- I don’t talk to people about relationships. Most of the time. And I definitely don’t talk to anyone in my family about them.
- I am the youngest in my family of my generation.
- I lose things a lot and I rarely tell people about it because I don’t want people to not trust me.
- I have never had braces or glasses.
- I have an iPhone.
- I cried when I dropped my phone and cracked the screen on the 2nd of July because I knew my dad would be mad. As a result, the crying made my mom mad that I was so upset about my phone.
- I read FML and it makes me feel better about my life!


and now some really random pictures!

proof that at some point in my life...I had a tan.

far left: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. Karen Workun. aka. the lady with the pearl earring.
left: I was feeling a bit artistic....
finest! Lauren likes cell phones!

my boys. Chase, Rob, Taylor, and David!

My friend Jennifer and I built this working model of a guillotine for World History our sophomore year of HS. It can cut veggies. post sex-change operation!

Chihuly glass sculptures at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.




I am good at acting silly...and apparently I make a good lion....don't you think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: A Movie Review

Yesterday was great. I spent the entire day getting things ready for what I thought would be the best of the Harry Potter movies. I arrived at Harkins Cine Capri at 6:00 pm for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The first 3 hours of waiting were not fun at all. Finally, at 9:00 some relief came when my friends began to arrive. At 10:00 they let us enter the theater and find our seats. I was about the 30th person in line (the people in the very front arrived at 8:30 in the that's dedication.) I was able to pick almost any seat in the house I wanted. So, of course, I chose to sit at the very top in the very middle. (Great choice on my part by the way if I do say so myself.) The last 2 hours of waiting went by quickly (not to mention it was a lot more comfortable). The closer it got to midnight, the more excited (and hyper) I got. By the time the previews started it was all I could do to not bounce out of my seat. We got to listen to some guys dressed like Fred and George do a rap about Harry Potter. It was really awesome. No lie. I wish I could describe it. Everyone in the audience cheered. Finally, they began the show. The New Moon trailer (Twiligh's Sequel) was TO DIE FOR. I seriously thought I might hyperventalate before the movie even started. I sat by 2 non-twilight-fans who, after seeing Jacob "half-naked" turned to me and said "We have GOT to see that movie with you." So...I think we may have a couple new Twilight Fans on our hands now! (just what the world needs right? Lol!)

THE GOOD: All in All I found the movie VERY entertaining. I seriously think I laughed through the entire thing....up until SPOILER!!!!!! Dumbledore dies....where I started crying. Ron, oh my beloved Ron, really is a clueless oaf....How he can be so clueless is beyond me! Lavender is pretty hilarious, but nothing like how I imagined her. Weasley's Wizard Weezes was fun. I wish we could have seen more although I know, for times sake that would have been cinematic irresponsibility...Ron's Quiddich was fun. Him "falling in love" with Ramilda Vane might have been the funniest...that or when Harry takes the Felix Felices.

THE BAD:Now on to the movie. In one word: Amazing. In many other words: could have been better but all in all I was very pleased. There were a couple of things which weren't in the books that definitely should have been left out. When Bellatrix shows up at the Burrow and blows it up, that whole scene is unneccesary. What are they going to do for the next movie? The Burrow does not get destroyed at all in the HBP book. They still go there in DH if I am not mistaken...well, I guess that is just another thing that they are going to have to change. Another complaint is there wasn't much about the book which, if you read the book, knows it plays a larger role than the movie shows. Snape is present, as always, but he doesn't really get his shining moment as I would have hoped. There is no Bill, Charlie, Fleur stuff (darn I was looking forward to them calling her Phlegm...) and I was very disappointed that there was no Fenrir Greybeck (or whatever his name was, the warewolf who bit Remus Lupin and countless other children.) I was sad to see Luna being the one who finds Harry on the train in stead of Tonks. Although, I do Love Loonie Luna Lovegood! Lol! (say that 3 times fast!) I would have liked to see more of Neville. Felix Felices wasn't golden like it was supposed to be, it was clear, and Harry drank the whole thing instead of leaving some for the rest of the DA while they patrol the corridors while Harry and Dumbledore are out looking for the Horcrux....because they didn't show that part....or any of the Hogsmeade section.

THE UGLY: There was one really nasty lookin' Death Eater who was always with Bellatrix.

ALL IN ALL: I had a great time, I look forward to seeing the movie again (and again and again and again, etc...) I will know in the future to take me paper bags for hyperventalation for the New Moon trailer and those first few minutes of the movie when it hits you (HalfBloodPrince!HalfBloodPrince!HalfBloodPrince!) This was my favorite of the books. That being said, I was expecting disappointment at first. I will probably mull things over for the next few days, see it again and do a follow-up review when I work through my disappointment in the lack of a fight scene.

Fear not fans: If it were me, I would leave out the funeral scene too. I would put it at the beginning of the next movie. It seems to make more sense to do so. I expect they will work it in over the summer...They need the funeral fresh in your minds for Deathly Hallows....if you've read it, you know why.

DEATHLY HALLOWS QUESTION: In DH we find out that Harry's cloak isn't just an invisibility cloak, it is one of the deathly hallows along with the elder wand and the resurrection stone. It says that the cloak has powers where if you are under the cloak, you can't be hit by curses and hexes and what not am I correct? Because if I am, how is it that Draco Malfoy is able to use Petrificus Totalus on Harry on the train in HBP? What's the deal? Am I mistaken or is it a flaw in the writing? Let me know.