Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Five

I'm not exactly sure why, but I've been putting off writing this blog post. But now I'm home alone and i've been sick for 2 days so I've watched everything I care to watch on Netflix and now I'm starting a Vampire Diaries Season 1 marathon to prepare for my Season 2 DVD's that SHOULD be arriving sometime in the next week. :) 

Why am I dreading sharing my list of things I'm excited for in the next few months? I'm not sure.  Maybe because for the first time since I started making this list a few years ago I don't have a single book release on the list. Maybe it is because I don't really have much of anything exciting going on in the next few months. But here I will share with you what I have.

1. Typical joys of fall....sales on new school supplies and clothes, the excitement that fills the air just before kickoff of the new high school, college, or pro football season, and the return of good television.

2. BREADBAKING CLASS with my Aunt Jeanie! September 14 I am going to this breadbaking class at Francis Tuttle and I am so excited because if you know me, you know there is no food I love as much as I love bread. I could eat it all day everyday if people would let me...I will actually get up in the middle of the night and have a slice of bread for a midnight snack....I did it last night. Lol!

3. My birthday is September 16. The birthday itself isn't necessarily on the list, but a few months ago my dad got me an early present: 2 tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Tulsa on September 21. Ashley and I are going to be heading up Wednesday (9/21) and checking into our hotel before heading to the concert.

4. This one only needs 1 word: ABDUCTION. (however for those of you who don't know what that means I will provide a video response at )

5. And finally, Breaking Dawn part 1. It is interesting. As Harry Potter neared its end I was sad the series was ending, but with the Twilight series I am ready for them to be done. Maybe because they weren't part of my life very long. I'm excited for the November 18th part 1 release...and look for part 2 on NEXT YEAR'S Fall Five list because it doesn't premier until November 16, 2012!

And there you have it. The top 5 things going on with me this Fall! Now, that wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Today I was in Estes Park, Colorado going through the gift shops looking for things to take home to my friends. I came across something very interesting called a Dreambox. Of course, they were ridiculously overpriced so I didn't buy any...but it made an impression so I took one of the papers describing the dreambox. It says:

Legend of the Dreambox
The Legend of the Dreambox (often attributed to Lemuria) suggests writing down your fondest dream, greatest desire, strongest wish on a small piece of paper, putting that paper in a Dreambox and placing it beside your bed. Every evening as you retire and every morning as you rise, hold your Dreambox and think of your dream, believing with all your heart that it is so. Legend has it, if done faithfully...your dream will come true.
At first I thought it was pretty stupid. there is no magic to putting paper in a little wooden box and holding it, but I quickly realized that isn't the point. The point is to realize what you want the most and to make a point to think about it. Think about it often and your dreams can work their way into your life.
I told you I didn't buy the dreambox. But that isn't to say I won't make my own when I get home.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love/Hate Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies Edition


1. Babies wearing baseball hats and/or uniforms.

2. Club level seats and all the perks that come with. (i.e. waiters, better food, covered seating)

3. Friendly neighbors in seats next to you.

4. Ballpark Nachos.

5. Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th Inning Stretch.

6. People watching.

7. T-shirts.

8. Purple straws for all the cups at the park.

9. The name Troy Tulowitzki.

10. The perfect weather.

11. Shuttle drivers running 2 red lights and a stop sign on the way home.

12. It’s baseball….come on. You should know me better than that.


1. Drunk people. Their stupidity. Their over the top emotions. Their ability to think everything is funny. (Note: Their dancing is pretty funny though)

2. Annoying fans of the other team as your neighbors.

3. Having my phone die in the middle of the game and not being able to keep up with the Boston Game.

4. Long lines.

5. People who find it necessary to use the “f word” four times in one sentence. You sound like an idiot. No. You are an idiot.

6. Losing.