Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She's So Dead To Us

Hey everyone. Been awhile since I've posed. I would expect another post later this week too! My cousin, Becky is having her baby today and as soon as I get home I'll post all the pictures up here! I can't wait to meet little baby Harper! But the baby-loving is for another post. This one is completely dedicated to a new book due out later this year called "She's So Dead to Us" !!! It is written by Kieran Scott, one of my favorite chick-lit writers, as well as a friend of mine! She is a really awesome woman! You should read everything of hers, including what she writes under her pen names! Check out this promo I made for her latest book!

I know the writing is small but I really hope you can read it! Check out Kieran's website at http://kieran-scott.blogspot.com/

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