Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harper Ann

Well. Today I went back to Glenpool to see the newest member of my family! Her name is Harper Ann Senn (emphasis on the "no E" part of Ann). after her great Grandmother Martha Ann Blackwood who died a year ago tomorrow. And people, let me tell you...she is the prettiest newborn EVER! Want proof? Here's the deal. They are stuck on my camera and I can't get them off yet so as for right now, I'm just going to give you the basics...but come back tomorrow and I promise her picture will be up! As for now, here are some basics.

8lbs 6oz. 20"
born 6:24 pm
full head of brown hair with blonde hilights
blue eyes

Today Harper "watched" her first OSU game...Basketball agains Baylor and OSU lost by 15 points...but never-the-less she kept her OSU bow on! She's already so smart! Lol!

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