Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-Day Movie Blast

Instead of wallowing in the self-pity of Singles Awareness day, my friend Ashley and I have decided we are going to have a Valentine's Day Rom-Com Movie Marathon! So I have made a list of all acceptable movies for us to watch. Now, we just have to narrow the list down! There are 31 movies on the list (and shocker! harry potter didn't make the cut....or twilight) So please cast your vote for your favorite on the list!

1. Walk the Line- 2005- Story of Johnny Cash and June Carter. I hear it has a really great proposal scene. I have never seen this movie.

2. Serendipity-2001- Another one I have never seen. John Corbett has a great romantic proposal...doesn't get the girl....but a great proposal never the less.

3. Stepmom-1998- Super sad movie, but one of my all time favorites. Funny, timeless, and the way Ed Harris proposes to Julia Roberts is awesome! **SPOILER** Susan Sarandon dies of cancer in the end.

4. Sweet Home Alabama- 2002- "Why do you wanna marry me for anyway?" "So I can kiss you anytime I want." Queue the Awwwwwwww.

5. Love Actually- 2003- Even though I would consider it more of a Christmas movie, I love at the end when Colin Firth goes to the woman's home and proposes to her in her language. He doesn't exactly get the words correct, but the point gets across...then she answers in broken english because she learned "just in case."

6. In Her Shoes- 2005- Good story--great ending. I love the ee cummings poem at the end. I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart.

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Her family reminds me so much of Ashley's family. It is a cute, feel-good flick and it's been awhile since I've seen it!

8. Josie and the Pussycats- 2001- I can almost see you all rolling your eyes. But I don't care. Alan M.'s crowd-surfing confession is too cute. Actually, now that I think about it...Everything Alan M. does in the whole movie is too cute.

9. Valentine's Day- 2010- Why not? It's Valentine's Day...when is a better time to watch this movie? It has everything for our celebration! A little romance, humor, upsidynamancakes (sorry, inside joke) and yes, Tay squared.

10. Titanic- 1997- One of the greatest love stories...sure, it has a sad ending...but a surefire hit.

11. The Notebook- 2004- It is no secret that in the past, this has not been my FAVORITE movie ever (It beats tristan and isold thought) but I am willing to give it a second chance, especially on Valentine's Day.

12. Romeo + Juliet- 1996- Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes have phenomenal chemistry in this remake of William Shakespeare's most famous love story of all time.

13. My Best Friend's Wedding- 1997- proof that even when the man you love marries someone else, you can get through it with a best friend and Dionne Warwick.

14. Runaway Bride- 1999- Are you seeing I love Julia Roberts yet? Well, this is one of my favorite movies of hers (which really says something). Also, it has a really great soundtrack! Plus. If we learned anything from Pretty's that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere work fabulously together.

15. He's Just Not That Into You- 2009- Because lets just face it, he isn't. Nothing like blunt reality for V-Day.

16. A Little Romance- 1979- I can already tell you this is too old for Ashley. She doesn't like old movies. But my mother would kill me if I didn't put her favorite on the list. If you don't know what it's about 2 teenagers run away together when the girl finds out she is moving to kiss in a gondola under the bridge of sighs so they will be in love forever. "Geeez Lauren!"-favorite line

17. Mamma Mia- 2008- Amanda Seyfried+ Meryl Streep+ Greece=Fabulocity. Not to mention the ABBA songs that make my heart pitter-patter.

18. Princess Bride- 1987- Still too old for Ashley, but another one I just had to put on the list. It's been so long since I've seen it, but I just got the DVD for Christmas!

19. 27 Dresses- 2008- The look on James Marsden's face when Katherine Heigl walks down the aisle *swoon* And you can't forget B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets.

20. A Cinderella Story- 2004-Chad Michael Muray and Hilary Duff make this a B-list teenie bopper movie...but sometimes I like those.

21. Ever After- 1998- Drew Barrymore plays Danielle in this Cinderella-esque tale. Truly a must see (that I would be willing to bet Ashley has NOT seen.)

22. Father of the Bride-1991- Because occasionally we enjoy movies about weddings.

23. The Proposal- 2009- If Ryan Reynolds isn't reason enough, then Sandy and Betty should do the trick.

24. Princess Diaries- 2001- She just wishes her foot would pop.

25. Never Been Kissed-1999-Best. Kiss. Ever award. No--seriously. best kiss ever.

26. The Little Mermaid-1989- What would an Ashley/Mattie movie party be without at least a mention of a Disney Princess?

27. Juno-2007- Candice Accola's character is so much funnier now that VD has brought her a bigger role. That plus the soundtrack and the awkwardness of Michael Cera (just like every other movie he is in) is a WIN!

28. Sydney White-2007- THe hilariousness of Amanda Bynes tied in with a Snow white spoofed storyline makes a good least to me.

29. A Walk to Remember-2002- Shane West really is a good guy--sappy romantic movie with a sad ending. **SPOILER WARNING***Mandy Moore dies from cancer in the end.

30. Letters to Juliet-2010- Modern Day fairy tales do come true!

31. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging- 2008- I can't resist the Angus. That and Robbie is dreamy.

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