Monday, July 12, 2010

Working Hard? Hardly Working.

Well..I guess technically I've been hardly working lately. But in my time without a job I have kept my mind busy. I've been working on a project I call my Me Book. My me book has all kinds of things about me in it. One page are cutouts and stickers of things about me. Words that describe me or my philosophies. Other pages have pictures of things I hope to own someday. I have everything from Rosetta Stone (so I can learn french!) to KitchenAid Standing Mixers to sights I want to see (Like Big Ben in London!) I've even got pictures of the 2 fish I hope to own someday, Francis and Wilhelm (pronounced Froncis and Vilhelm). The page I've been working on recently is my Bucket List page. There are lots of things I hope to accomplish. Right now there are 16 things on my list and only 1 of them have I accomplished. I need to get a move on! Here I have decided to share my list with you all today.

1. Befriend a Celebrity--not sure this will actually happen but with technology today, who knows, right? Maybe I will visit California again sometime soon and "accidentally" bump into one. Lol!

2. Be first in line for a midnight movie premiere.--On March 11, 2010 I was first in line to see Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me" completing this wish.

3. Be thanked at an awards show--again. Another unlikely one but who knows. Maybe I'll even win an award depending on how this next entry goes!

4. Publish on of my stories.--It has been a lifelong goal since I was about 12 so doing this would really mean a lot to me.

5. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.--I consider myself to be somewhat of a Harry Potter expert so going and existing in his world would be one of the highlights of my life. The books changed my life and set me on a path. I owe a lot to that fictional wiz kid.

6. Travel to London.--I have been talking about going to LondonTown for many many many years and to actually go and see anything and everything I have dreamed would probably kill me I would be so giddy.

7. Travel to Greece--I think it would be so amazing to visit a place like Greece. There is so much culture and history and beauty all in one place and I can't wait to go!

8. Visit the Lourve--there are no words.

9. Throw a fancy dinner party--I could do this at any time...but that would require I have more friends than I actually have, more money than I currently possess, and better cooking skills than I have aquired to date.

10. Watch the RedSox play at Fenway Park in Boston.--I love Boston. I love baseball. I love the BoSox. 'nuff said.

11. Visit New York City--The real-life Gotham is (as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys say) a "concrete jungle where dreams are made of." Every american should visit the city once in their life (so I hear) so naturally it is on my list.

12. Buy a new car. Preferably an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini....but I'll settle for anything new. I just want a car that has no history. I want to make history. Not be just another notch on the belt.

13. Take a convertible on a roadtrip--sure it will mess up my hair but I would gladly trade my 'do for a ponytail to drive cross country in a convertible. It just seems like "The Great American Roadtrip" should be done right, and by done right, I mean with you best friends and your GPS.

14. Go to the Coachella Music Festival.--Everyone who is anyone goes to Coachella. I know because I read that on twitter. So it seems like the perfect place for wannabe up-and-comer's like myself and future somebodies of America to rub elbows with society's elite. Plus you get to hang out and listen to some really great music!

15. Go to the South Beach Food and Wine Fesival--As you can tell, I like festivals...and I love I felt it was only necessary that I attend one of the biggest food festivals around. I just heard about this festival yesterday on the food network. This is basically just a big party for all the food network stars to come and share their gifts. Duff Goldman. I want some of your cake.

16. Visit the Library of Congress--I like books a lot. And this is the biggest library around so you probably understand why this is on my list.


  1. Go ahead and throw that fancy dinner party. You don't need a huge guest list nor great cooking skills. Dress up, set a fabulous table, have nice "dinner music" playing and have fun! I like this list very much.

  2. I agree with the lady above me! :D

    I love bucket lists! I have one too, it's on the side of my blog. Lists make goals seem so much more attainable. I couldn't get anything done if I didn't write it on a list first! Lol