Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November.

HAPPY NOVEMBER!!!!! You know what this means? If I leave for New York when I want to leave...It is in exactly 6 months and 21 days! That means I have 6 months and 21 days to work out every blip and kink in my plans that I can possibly plan for, and raise (hopefully) $500-$1000! I can't wait! So, in my anticipation for this trip I have been doing quite a bit of reading about New York City. I've completely read and reread New York City for Dummies (4th edition) and last week I noticed there is a new edition out so I should probably read it! I got 6 other books from the Library about New York City AND I bought pop up maps ( Joey from friends when they go to London...).
I really hope you guys enjoyed my picture poem. After I posted it I was really inspired to get the ball rolling and make some official plans. But let me tell ya, this would be a lot easier if I could get all of my travelling companions and myself into one place at the same time.
That's enough about travelling thought. What's new this month? Hmmm, there are 2 new books out that I really want to buy. The first one, Perfect Mistake, is the latest book in the spinoff series (Privilege) from my FAVORITE book series (Private) by Kate Brian...aka Kieran Scott! (shout out!) The other book I am dying to read is The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz. Those books are already out...they came out in October. So, what is new in November? Well, lets take a look. The first part of the month seems a little blah compared to the last part! I don't think I have any BIG plans until after the 19th! 1. November 19th, 10:00am-New Moon campout. I've got to get to Harkins to camp out in line for decent seats to New Moon for the midnight showing...yes thats right...sitting on the floor for 14 hours! FUN!!!! 2. November 20th 12:01am NEW MOON with Michelle, Mary, Me, John Paul, Jonathan, and Ciara. 3. Sometime before Thankx my cousin Emily will be arriving in OKC from Birmingham for Thanksgiving! 4. Thanksgiving! This is my 2nd favorite Holiday! I am so excited! 5. Baby Shower for my cousin, Becky. She is having a little girl (Harper Ann) in January and we are having a shower on the 29th! 6. November 30, and the last day of the month, is my daddio's birthday! Happy Birthday DAD!!!!
Well, that is my overview of November! I will keep you updated on everything going on as it happens! Hope everyone had a fun and safe October and Halloween and is still alive and well!

-Stephanie Dolman
-Jonathan Cleveland
-Brittany Blackwood
-Bailey Tidwell
-Tyler Clark
-Jon Rand Lowry
-Erin Blackwood
-Travis Pettitt
-Jared Collett
-Brynn Ross
-Christiana Hendrick
-Randy Gordon (my dad and favorite person on the list!)

God Bless.
Go Pokes.
(Team Jacob!)

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