Monday, September 14, 2009

3rd Times the charm, if you are reading this, that is…I have attempted to write this blog 2 other times this week and have been unsuccessful both times…obviously. In my original post I was going to address the subject of what I would spend my money on if I win the lottery in light of the purchase of my very first powerball ticket. I decided that the majority of my money would go to buying a house…and not just any house, a Dream House. So, I went to the crème de la crème, best of the best for luxury realty: Sotheby’s Realty’s website. . There I went “window shopping for my perfect home. Using their “Find A Property” search I was able to find a house from almost every state. Originally I had included a property by property commentary but that took a little over 2 hours to do (which then deleted itself) and I don’t have time to do that again. I will leave the list here of my top result state-by-state. If the house made my top prop list I will be sure to let you know by marking it TOP CHOICE PICK. There are 9.

Alabama 4192449 NO

Alaska 4183710 NO

Arizona 4168661 YES
this house was given as my #1 choice for the entire country.

Arkansas N/A N/A
apparently Arkansas does not have any luxury real estate.

California 4145537 YES
A yes, but not a top choice.

Colorado 4179096 ???
I’m not 100% sure on this but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Connecticut 0064405 YES

Delaware 4177697 NO

Florida 4125584 YES
TOP CHOICE PICK. I was literally salivating over this house.

Georgia 4182436 YES
Still under construction. I could do virtually anything I wanted with it. But I’m looking for something that is simple and easy.

Hawaii 4093270 YES
It’s Hawaii. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Idaho 4136886 YES

Illinois 4193818 YES
Three things saving this property from the NO list: Kitchen, Media Room, Pool.

Indiana 4183478 NO

Iowa N/A N/A
No properties

Kansas N/A N/A
No properties

Kentucky 4194904 YES

Louisiana 4175936 NO
Looks like I won’t be moving to Louisiana anytime soon.

Maine 4075728 YES
I’m still on the fence about this one.

Maryland 4176917 YES
Not sure what to think.

Massachusetts 4130176 YES

Michigan 4180938 ???
No pictures, only drawings. Can’t get a feel for the house.

Minnesota 4181494 ???
Everyone knows I love Minnesota but the best house I got there was only OK for a luxury home.

Mississippi 4063248 NO
beautiful porches but overall, not a fan.

Missouri 4192258 YES
just look at it. Honorable mention at the least.

Montana 4122861 YES
The only thing that keeps this from being a top choice pick is that it only has 4 bedrooms.

Nebraska N/A N/A
No properties.

Nevada 4164702 YES

New Hampshire 4088757 NO

New Jersey 4169760 YES
TOP CHOICE PICK. I took a quiz that said I should live in New Jersey. This house was my #2 overall.

New Mexico 0572838 YES
Not too bad!

New York 0053192 YES

North Carolina 4192736 YES
still small though.

North Dakota N/A N/A
No properties

Ohio 4101803 YES

Oklahoma N/A N/A
No properties

Oregon 4185927 YES

Pennsylvania 4180481 YES

Rhode Island 4163920 NO

South Carolina 4188835 YES

South Dakota N/A N/A
No properties

Tennessee 4173647 YES

Texas 4137107 YES

Utah 4165503 YES

Vermont 4186084 NO
love the staircase though

Virginia 4129121 YES

Washington 4180384 YES

West Virginia 4091728 NO
Love the kitchen but not enough to save the entire house

Wisconsin 4181524 YES
very nice

Wyoming 0147801 NO
gorgeous but not enough bedrooms.

Washington DC 4193552 NO
missing the most important amenity: swimming pool.

Hope you enjoyed that segment of “what would Mattie do with her lottery winnings” tune in next time to see which car I would buy (hint: No Edward Volvo or Beemers for me)

God Bless.
Go Pokes.

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