Friday, June 5, 2009


As you have probably noticed, I am new to blogspot. So PLEASE bear with me. I am going to try my hardest to update everyday and make sure you know absolutely everything you might want to know about my matter how exciting or boring you might find it. So enough introduction I'm just gonna jump right in and tell you about my day!

This morning I woke up with my hair inside the swimming cap I bought yesterday...apparently I fell asleep in it...It was tight and giving me a headache, not to mention I looked pretty silly. So I got up and started to work on some preparations for my Florida trip next week. Then my mom and I went swimming this afternoon where (yes I took my swimming cap) I got a really funny looking sunburn. And so far I've spent this evening practically swimming in Aloe Vera to ease the pain. Needless to say today has been a little bit less than productive...but at least today I did something other than play The Sims 3! (which I highly recommend by the way)

I really wish my life was a little bit more interesting if not for my own benefit, than at least for you, my readers (assuming I have readers that is). I'm sure when summer is in full swing I will have more to write about. Obviously some days are more interesting than others, I just ask you to bear with me....stick it out and I promise to write something interesting at some point.

If you are wondering if I'm anywhere else...well, I am. I'm on twitter (which I am probably on the most), facebook (I am not on as much as i used to be but I still check at least once a day), myspace (don't check often but I still get updates sent to my phone it has most of my poetry on it), and I even still have my xanga (i wrote on xanga through my freshman year of high school and I have some pretty funny pictures and comments).
Twitter: mattiegoober
Myspace: mattiegoober
Xanga: goobergirlmattie

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